Informing and Supporting Policy

Inclusive Finance is a global policy platform on Financial Inclusion set up with the objective of enabling cross-pollination of best practices and breakthroughs, specifically to support India’s Financial Inclusion strategy and campaign. In its 19th year, Inclusive Finance has provided substantial evidence, increased guidance and strong articulation for building a strong ecosystem and making key recommendations on financial inclusion policy, regulation, supervision, technology advancements, client protection and institutional framework for stakeholders. In the last three years, the Summit has broadened its ambit; more and more themes related to financial inclusion are deliberated and delved into.

The Inclusive Finance Summit strives to bring all stakeholders together to build a consensus on the strategies and policies for tangible and sustainable financial inclusion. The Summit receives overwhelming participation from more than 800 delegates and over 100 speakers who contribute to the deliberations and debates across 15 sessions during the two days.

The Inclusive Finance India platform has evolved to comprise the following sub-initiatives:

  • Inclusive Finance India Summit.
  • Inclusive Finance India State of the Sector Report
  • Inclusive Finance India Awards.
  • Knowledge Fair.
  • Other Associated Events.

Livelihoods India is aimed at supporting, informing and supporting policy, showcasing best practices and addressing key challenges and issues faced by the livelihoods of the poor. Livelihoods India Summit is held as an annual event that brings together up to 500 participants and over 70 resource persons, from across the region, on a single platform to discuss critical issues that impede and afflict the livelihoods of the poor and in turn inform policy with the new learning. The mission of Livelihoods India Initiative therefore is to create a regional platform that presents opportunities for cross learning and sharing of these unique experiences, both successes and failures within countries in the region. Within Livelihoods India Platform, specific sub initiatives have been designed to make this platform an effective bridge for cross learning.

The sub initiatives include:

  • Livelihoods India Summit.
  • State of India’s Livelihoods (SOIL) Report.
  •  Sitaram Rao Livelihoods India Case Study Competition.
  • FPO Impact Awards